We live in a Digital world where everything and everyone has a virtual digital double. Companies spend thousands on creating a physical brand and over the years accumulate a loyal customer base, but its surprising to see large inconsistency in branding when converting their physical branding into digital format.

Poor Presentations incorrect digital language, poor image quality.... etc. are all to common. Any one inconsistent digital factor can have a damaging long term affect.

At deZignR (designer) we help to eliminate those inconsistencies and create a uniformed digital brand.

Create a proper digital strategy and maintain branding consistency, and you could generate 70% improved digital company visibility.

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social media

Digital - Social Media

Like it or not Social Media is here to stay and its become the method to directly reach the key customers that you require.

However, have you measured your level of commitment to Social Media.

Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Bebo, Blogger, there are over thousands of different social media platforms all targetting different style of customers to chose from and a thousand different techniques on how to communicate and generate inbound customer leads / sales.

So by having a just a Facebook page will not necessarily generate the revenue you desire.

FACT: For a single company Twitter alone averages twice as many leads per month.

DeZignR (designer) will not only create a digital social media presence for you but we will train individuals on how to maintain their social media consistently, and thats not just telling you, that you need to type "stuff".

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Digital - Web

A website is no longer a luxury part of your stationary it is now the shop window of any business. A website should generate income and not just be a listing for your phone number.

Its easy producing a pretty website but its more complicated to create a website that actually works. There are billions of websites, all promoting something so how does your customer find you!

SEO optimisation, PPC adverts, Social Media, Organic traffic flow, these are all requirements for a fantastic website that create sales and finds the customers that you want.

In just a few hours deZignR (designer) will review your web and your digital activity to give a professional analysis. DeZignR will then create a plan of action to boost the results.

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Digital - Digital Advertising

The dark realms of Google Analytics/SEO optimisation/PPC.....

Worldwide we conduct +93,000,000,000 searchs per month on Google only and its growing every month.

  • 34,000 searchs per second
  • +2,000,000 per minute
  • +121,000,000 per hour
  • +3,000,000,000 per day

SEO standards and techniques will always change as technology will develop. These SEO requirements are not the same as what they were 18 months ago, and for that reason it is important to have your digital strategy regulary checked.

DeZignR (designer) will continuously monitor and update its customers of any changes in web techniques that will affect our customers digital strategy, so that they remain above their competition.

PPC works well but it is important to know what words work well and when. It is easy to lose control of your PPC budgeting.

Get a better control of your digital strategy, target the customers that you want and have a marketing and brand management company that keeps you up-to-date with the latest techniques.


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Digital - Apps

Apple iOS, Android, Windows Marketplace..... ? Which do you chose and how is an App going to help?

With the introduction of Smartphones companies have the opportunity to showcase their talent and offerings to consumers in an entirely new way. Not apps need to be a game involving birds which are angry ;)
but Surveys, ISO 9001 integration, Augmented Reality, User Behaviour and much more.

Apps allow customers to interact with companies on a more personal level, were as websites are viewed as the shop window to let consumers browse at leisure, the app becomes a virtual "friend".

DeZignR (designer) will help identify, plan, design, construct, test and publish the desired App into the correct digital marketplace.

FACT: Theres actually three types of mobile applications: Native apps, Web apps, and Hybrid solutions. Follow this link for more details.

Create your company and brand awareness in an entirely new way.


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email marketing

Digital - Email Marketing / e-Marketing

It's been proven that email marketing is an ideal way to reach your target audience. Combine this with clever design and it can make an email more readable, attractive and effective at relaying information.

Many people have the misconception that designing an email is just like designing a small, one page website.... in some way it is?

However, although the same design principles are still important, there are some major differences on how the end user views the content as well as how its built. Understanding these will make the difference between a tiny web page synced into your inbox, to a valuable, readable, multi platform email.

But how many of you have analysed and maintained your CRM database? Its surprising to know how many companies neglect to maintain an up-to-date contact list of who gets their email marketing. Without an efficient CRM databased your thousands of emails sent could possibly have only reach a handful.

DeZignR (designer) has many years of experience in designing, building, reviewing, optimising email campaign contact / hit list and sending out HTML emails. Our in depth knowledge of email marketing and designing HTML emails enables us to design an email campaign that not only captures the users attention but importantly, gets them to take action!

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