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So what do we do?

At deZignR (designer) we offer such a huge array of Marketing and Brand Management services that we simply just created a list;

  • Brand Management
    • Business Development; Analysis, Planning, Reviewing, Reporting.
    • Print Services; Correctly valued print services (see also Marketing).
    • Targeted Marketing; What works and why.
  • Digital
    • Social Media; Content creation, Copyright (see also Marketing)
    • Apps; Android, Apple iOS, Windows, Advertising, iBeacon.
    • Web; Website creation, online video, PPC adverts.
    • Email Marketing / e-Marketing.
    • Product Development.
    • Graphic Designs; Illustrations, Logo design, Packaging, Presentations.
  • Marketing
    • Exhibitions; Stands, Banners, Plans, Merchandising.
    • Print Services; Business cards, Brochures, Leaflets, Banners, Company Stationary ....... you name it anything that needs to be printed.
    • Digital Marketing; Social Media, Web, SEO, PPC, advertising, mobile.
    • Packaging Design and Print.
    • 3D Modelling.
    • Advertising; Publications, Cross-selling, Case studies, Trade Press, News press packs, Interactive posters.
  • Brand Security
    • Print.
    • Development.
    • Authentication.
  • Merchandise
    • Vinyl; Commercial Vehicles, Signs.
    • Uniforms; Embroidered, Screen Printed, Safety Wear.
    • Promotional Gifts / Functional Giveaways; Pens, Pencils, USB's, Umbrellas, Mugs, Mints ...... etc.

We have so much to offer, contact us to find out how we can help.


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