Why a mobile?


By tradition a company normally has a fixed landline to let customers call on a local rate number.

However, times have changed and customers are now able to contact individuals within a company using the direct dial number given or on their mobile. For the company providing customers with this direct option, ment they needed to purchase a separate mobile contract and then a monthly landline rental.

There are now so many of our customers that contact us via their mobile and very rarely use the landline because its cheaper just to call our mobiles and quicker.

The mobile phone has become such a vital piece of equipment to every individuals life that there is hardly any difference in calling someone from a landline or a mobile.

Here at deZignR (designer) we have taken the bold step to remove our landline and just have a mobile number within our flexible contract. This reduces our overheads and still allows our customers to contact us easily and in some cases for free (dependant on the customers phone contract and minute allowances). Beneficially our system allows us to work remotely giving us more flexibility to focus our attention on our customers needs and requirements.

We assure our customers that they will still receive our full commitment and services without deZignR (designer) having a traditional fixed landline system.

For more information or to see how we can help with similar innovative marketing ideas, contact us now.

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